About Consulta Meta - Interaction Management a.k.a. CM-IM Conseil

Our Mission
As catalysts, to provide focused interaction management services in the evolution of relationship-based business processes. We began as a technology oriented firm, and have grown to include community development in relationship-based strategic consulting.

Consulta Meta's objective is to provide innovative and unique support in community development projects, local NGOs, Yukon First Nations communities, and Education. We are also strong supporters of Yukon Winter/Summer Tourism, Yukon Businesses and Entrepreneurs, as well as its K to 12 mandatory Astronomy curriculum.

The Commitment
Our firm has taken on various projects within our community. We are proud of our contribution in generating innovative solutions and thought provoking concepts. When we began, we believed that integrity and trust were the key to our future success. We were right. Today we still believe in these values and practice them on every assignment.

The Philosophy
We pride ourselves in understanding the problems and opportunities within the consulting industry. Our company believes and strives for excellence, found in all of our services. Our clients are our partners and our greatest asset: we are dedicated to their needs.

Consulta Meta I.M. Inc.
the Relationship Advocates.


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